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October 17, 2017
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December 18, 2017
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My Thanksgiving Psalm

Dear Lord,


I marvel at how you have touched me. I consider the ugliness of my past and all the devastation it brought to my heart, yet you looked upon me with love and compassion. You did not desire to leave me or forsake me, but to draw me ever so gently to yourself and heal me. You healed my emotions, my heart, and much more.


When I think about how I’m exposing the sin of my past to people, I’m shocked and amazed that your grace empowers me to do it. Apart from you, Lord, I can do nothing. Just thinking about what you’ve called me to do….wow, how can this be? It’s because of your faithfulness, grace and mercy which I really only understand in part, yet long to know so much more. How great is your faithfulness, Lord?


I feel the sword you have placed in my hand to do battle against the enemy. As I co-labor with you, we are taking back ground the enemy has stolen in my life and so many others. I see my children walking in the fruit of the ground we have conquered and my heart rejoices. Great and mighty are you Lord!


I know you have also placed a shield in my hand. Teach me how to use it, Lord. The arrows come from directions I wasn’t aware could even bring harm. I rejoice that you are my shield and my very great reward.


In this season of Thanksgiving, are you giving Him thanks for being your Shield and Very Great Reward? (Genesis 15:1)  Your All in All? (1 Corinthians 15:28)

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