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April 13, 2017
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September 26, 2017
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My Story is HIStory

Although I never really like to tell my story, I’ve learned that it’s really God’s story and that’s what makes it amazing.

At one point I asked the Lord, “Will you show me your beauty”. I understood He was good, all powerful and had a lot of other amazing attributes, but I really wanted to have a revelation of His beauty. I didn’t get an answer right away.

One day I ran into Subway to grab a sandwich. While there, I overheard a husband railing on his wife, in public. He was belittling her and I could feel her embarrassment and pain. I went back to my car shocked and heartbroken for this poor woman. All of a sudden I felt the Lord speak to me, “Do you see my beauty?”

I had spent a season of my life in a relationship that was filled with verbal and even physical abuse. I truly felt this woman’s pain. But the Lord, in His grace and mercy, has brought so much restoration to my heart. I surrendered to a relationship with God that has rewarded me not only with healing my emotions and memories, but changing how I see myself. (Often when you are continually verbally abused, you begin to agree with the accuser)

The Lord answered the cry of my heart by showing me His beauty in my own life. He touched a woman who felt like she was cinders in the fireplace, who felt unworthy and unable to be of any value. He restored, transformed and brought that woman to a place of co-laboring with Him in His Kingdom expansion. Now that is His beauty. And, I get to be a recipient of it and so do all who seek Him.

You see, when I tell any part of my story, I’m really telling you all about Him. It’s never about me, but all He has done.

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