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December 13, 2016
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Let The Renovations Begin

At a point in my life I wondered if I could be whole again. Because of my past, would I ever be the fullness of the person God knit together in my mother’s womb? There were seasons I felt overwhelmed and wondered if it was because I had deeply damaged my emotions.

Finally in desperation I cried out to the Lord and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fear. He showed me how my heart was a home. I was able to say; “Lord come in and help my messy heart”. I was also the only one who held the key to open the doors to all the rooms in my heart. You see, I could let Him come into the entry way and say; “Wow!  I’m glad you are here”, and settle there. Or, I could open up all the rooms in my heart and say; “have your way Lord, lead me into your truths” (let the renovations begin). I could even say; “you can go everywhere in the house except “that” room”.

Have you ever been to a home where there was a room sealed off from everyone, including some people who also live in the home?  It might feel a little creepy. Just like in the Disney movie Beauty & the Beast. Belle was allowed to go anywhere in the castle except the Beast’s wing. It was his lair.

You might ask; how do you open those doors? It comes through relationship with Him. You wouldn’t let a stranger into your home to freely roam or even a contractor you don’t trust. Your heart doesn’t just open up to the Lord without relationship. That relationship comes from knowing who HE is. Are you in the Word? Do you spend time in prayer? I love learning more about Him in the word. It’s everywhere! There is so much to learn about His character and attributes in the Bible. He is like nobody you have ever met. You can trust this contractor.  He is completely balanced in all His ways.

I’ve never personally lived through renovations of an entire house. My understanding is that it is gutted and the transformation begins. It usually doesn’t look the same at all. It LOOKS BETTER!

When the Master Carpenter begins renovations, He is going to be making us more into His image and developing character which has been in His heart for us since the beginning of time, regardless of our past choices. This isn’t usually an overnight fixer upper project, but through the work of Holy Spirit it many times is a gradual renovation. He is a faithful contractor who will finish what He started. Every day we are looking more and more like HIM. Eventually we look like oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor. (Is 61:3b)

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