October 17, 2017

Thoughts on Psalm 40

Psalm 40 I waited patiently for the Lord; And He inclined to me, And heard my cry. 2 He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, Out of the miry clay, And set my feet upon a rock, And established my steps. 3 He has put a new song in my mouth— […]
September 26, 2017

I Am Weak, He Is Strong

I’m honored to be a part of the Coalition of Pro Life Leaders in Iowa. Within the Coalition I’m surrounded by heroic men and women who are passionate about saving baby’s lives. The battle for the voiceless, innocent lives of the unborn and their mothers is never easy.  The gold […]
May 9, 2017

My Story is HIStory

Although I never really like to tell my story, I’ve learned that it’s really God’s story and that’s what makes it amazing. At one point I asked the Lord, “Will you show me your beauty”. I understood He was good, all powerful and had a lot of other amazing attributes, […]
April 13, 2017

Keep Your Eye On The Mountaintop

I love the mountains and I am forever reminding my husband how much I love the mountains. One summer our girls and I headed to Colorado ahead of my husband, John, and our son. We had planned to do a couple short hikes to help us adjust to the altitude […]